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Top performers don’t automatically make great managers

Have you promoted high-performing staff into management roles only to find they are mediocre as leaders? While they have outstanding or technical or professional skills, most lack the leadership skills they need to succeed in their new role.

They struggle to delegate, can’t understand why people aren’t as motivated as they are, and get frustrated when others don’t perform tasks to their standard. They also avoid hard conversations because they don’t know how to handle them effectively.

How Middle Managers perform matters! They are responsible for 80% of your staff, so it’s critical that you train them to become the leaders you need them to be.

How much growth are you missing out on?

Increase Productivity

Stop feeling stressed and overworked! Improve performance by lifting, not squeezing your people.


Discover how to achieve world class success and become the business everyone else is chasing.


Attract and retain the best people in the industry to work for you


Advanced Certificate of Leadership

Equip your Middle & Senior Managers with the five essential skills to become high performing leaders.

Leadership Accelerator

Want your Supervisors, Team Leaders & High Potentials to learn the five essential skills too? They will in our emerging leaders program.

GreenLine Conversations

Stop workplace drama at the source, and address conflict early before it snowballs into bigger issues. Get everyone using a common language.

Customised Keynotes & Short Courses

Want to upskill your leaders and team in a specific area? Browse our range of customised short courses and keynotes.

“Highly recommend this program! Can’t wait to implement with my team !!” – K. ADAIR

We genuinely care about our clients, and want to help your Team Leaders and Managers become influential leaders who help your business fly!


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“Not only have I benefitted, but my team’s performance and accountability have increased substantially. Business is growing!
Jason Cauchi

Fixed Odds Racing Manager, TABCORP

“We have witnessed our managers taking the initiative to tackle tricky issues, being able to delegate and hold their teams accountable, and making an effort to focus on culture and wellbeing within their teams”

Angela Trent

Manager People Development, HAWKESBURY COUNCIL

“The training truthfully turned my work life and career around. Following the methods Di gave now makes my workday a delight. My team tells me I am a great Manager too!”

Karen Wright

Manager on Duty, CATHAY PACIFIC

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