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About World Class Teams

What We Do

World Class Teams specialises in delivering programs that TRANSFORM the people you already have into the world class high-performance teams you need to make your business fly.

Who We Are

World Class Teams was founded by CEO Diana Tapp, who is Australia’s #1 High-Performance Team Consultant and author of the book “Unleash Your Team’s Potential”. Diana has spent over 15 years working with some of Australia’s most innovative and prestigious companies including Cathay Pacific Airways, Optus, DHL, Linfox, Flexigroup, Snack Brands and CPA.

Why Focus on Teams?

  • We believe in the power of teams and know that people work their best when they work together
  • Businesses agree with a 50% rise in teamwork reported since 2000
  • Teams can be a game changer for a company due to the strong Performance Multiplier Effect.
  • However, when teams aren’t working well they cause significant harm to a business.
  • Research shows just 1-2 lazy or incompetent team members can drop OVERALL TEAM PERFORMANCE by 30-40%.

Diana Tapp
CEO of World Class Teams

The Dangers of an Underperforming Team

Inheriting a team that is not performing at its optimal level will have serious consequences for the leader and for the business as a whole.The good news is that this can be fixed and turned around relatively quickly.

The old paradigm was that for a team to be successful, you had to have the “right people on the bus”. This meant you had to go through the expensive, stressful and time consuming process of getting rid of the “wrong” people and finding and training the “right” people.

New research has turned this thinking on its head.

Market-leading companies like GOOGLE have proved that WHO you have in your team is far less important than previously thought.

In fact, ANY mix of people can form a successful team when taught the right set of skills and techniques.

World Class Teams has been able to develop a set of proven tools and techniques to do just that.

We promise to TRANSFORM the people you have into the high-performance team you want, or we will give you your money back.

This is the game changer you’ve been looking for.
We guarantee you will never look back.