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Middle Managers are pivotal in every organisation. They are responsible for the performance of 80% of the staff, yet most have never been taught the skills they need to succeed in their leadership roles. This is setting your leaders and teams up for failure.

Managing people is challenging. You need highly skilled leaders with their finger on the pulse, who know how to inspire their teams, are forward-focused and positive about change and resolve conflicts themselves rather than passing them onto HR.

Introducing the Advanced Certificate of Leadership. This program is designed to equip Middle Managers with the five essential skills to become world class leaders. It offers all the practical content of our comprehensive Diploma of Leadership and Management course minus the extensive assignments needed to achieve national accreditation. Enquire today and turn your Middle Managers into an unstoppable force, driving your organisation to new heights.


  • Fire Up Your TeamInspire your team to go the extra mile and push the boundaries of excellence.
  • Game-Changing Communicator – Have conversations in the right way. Get the outcome you need and keep people ‘on board’
  • Elevated EQ – Manage emotions, both your own and other people’s. Navigate difficult and stressful situations with dignity
  • Change Catalyst Instigate and thrive on rapid change. Enjoy change rather than endure it.
  • WorkSMARTPrioritise and optimise your time. Be effective and efficient without burning out.



Managers and supervisors who can step up to become true leaders


People with gaps in their leadership capability


Managers who want to upskill without the assignment requirements of the Diploma program


High potential team members earmarked for more senior roles


Top performing staff you want to reward and retain


At the end of the program, you will have leaders who:

  • Know how to build a high-performing team
  • Inspire people to deliver exceptional results
  • Are future focused and agile
  • Communicate effectively in all situations, including conflict
  • Demonstrate exceptional Emotional Intelligence
  • Successfully influence at all levels
  • Embrace change
  • Drive better business results

topics covered include

Provide Leadership
Across the Organisation
Manage Business
Operational Plans
Develop and Use
Emotional Intelligence
Facilitate Continuous
Lead and Manage Effective
Workplace Relationships
Lead Communication
in the Workplace
Establish Innovative
Work Environments
Lead Difficult
Manage Team
Develop Critical Thinking
in Others
with Influence

Get Results, Not Tick-The-Box Training

I can attest to ANYONE considering this course that it will be incredibly beneficial to YOU and the BUSINESS you are employed with.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the engaging and ‘outcome driven’ leadership training, as well as the coaching and one on one catch ups that are all part of the course! “

Christian Merrigan


“Di has truly made an effort to learn everything she can about our business.

This has enabled her to tailor the course to make it very meaningful and applicable.  Metso has been running this course for close to 7 years and even when budgets are tight, there has never been a question as to whether it will continue.”

Lauren Luitingh

HR Partner, METSO

“Di is amazing! She is an inspirational and passionate trainer who thrives on seeing outcomes achieved with individuals, teams and businesses. If you want your business to fly, she’s the one to help you do it”

Heidi Chapman

Director, HC FINANCE


How much time do I need to commit?

The Advanced Certificate of Leadership comprises six workshops over a six month period. These live workshops are held once a month. 

How is the program delivered?

The program is conducted live. Workshops will be conducted either face-to-face or via live stream with break out groups.

Is it a National Qualification?

No. World Class Teams issue the Advanced Certificate of Leadership. For a nationally accredited qualification, enrol in BSB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management program. Diana delivers both programs.

What is the difference between the Advanced Certificate and Diploma program?

The Advanced Certificate of Leadership contains the same workshops, course materials and activities as the Diploma of Leadership & Management program. The difference is that it does not involve any formal assessments or accreditation, thus allowing us to offer it at a substantially reduced rate.

I've never been to university. Can I still do the Advanced Certificate of Leadership?

Absolutely! The only prerequisites are a desire to be an excellent leader and a commitment to trialling practical tools and techniques.

Is it suitable for new and experienced leaders?

Yes. This program is suitable for people at all levels of leadership. The material and examples will be tailored to the specific mix of leadership experience in each group, to ensure both new and more senior leaders are catered for.

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