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Increase Empathy

Manage Emotions

Be Solution Focused

Being Smart Is Not Enough!

Being able to read other people’s signals and react appropriately is vital to on-the-job success. When people are technically or academically smart, but have low emotional intelligence, conflict and silos arise. Issues are not dealt with. This causes anger, frustration and expensive work arounds.

The ‘Boost Your EQ’ program will uncover how brains really work. You’ll learn how to manage emotions in stressful situations and make emotionally intelligent decisions that will deliver better outcomes for you, your colleagues and your customers.

Who the program is for?

Individuals, teams and organisations who want to:


Rapidly boost their Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


Build reputation for being professional, empathetic and solution-focused


Learn how to manage emotions well in stressful situations


Speak and act with integrity during conflict


Get the outcomes needed AND keep people on board


Work more collaboratively and cooperatively with others

What you’ll get

At the end of this program, you will have people who can:

  • Recognise the danger signs for emotions and respond appropriately
  • Communicate their opinions and needs while still respecting others
  • Regulate emotions in stressful ‘5% moments’
  • Work positively with difficult or demanding people
  • Take feedback without becoming defensive or offended
  • De-escalate situations and solve them

How the Program Works



Initial meeting to customise program for your needs

Live Workshop

One 4-hour OR two 2-hour
live workshops


30 Day Check In

Check in meeting to embed and give practical support

Get Results, Not Tick-The-Box Training

“The course truthfully turned my work life and my team’s performance around.

Simply by using the four techniques Di taught us I managed difficult situations and difficult people so much better.

Karen Wright


“This course gave me the techniques and confidence to address people and issues in an emotionally intelligent way.

We are now more productive in our daily operations and much more connected as a team”

Rachel Lukas

Customer Support Team Leader, METSO

“Di is amazing! She is an inspirational and passionate trainer who thrives on seeing outcomes achieved with individuals, teams and businesses. If you want your business to fly, she’s the one to help you do it”

Heidi Chapman

Director, HC Finance


How long is the ‘Boost Your EQ’ program?
The program can be run as one 4-hour workshop, or two separate 2-hour workshops.
How is it delivered?

The workshop can be delivered in person or via live stream.

How many people can attend?
Up to 15 people can participate in the ‘Boost Your Emotional Intelligence’ workshop.
Who should I invite to the workshop?
It is ideal to include your whole team. Google discovered the one thing ALL high-performing teams had in common was high levels of EQ. Team members who had high social sensitivity and were skilled at intuiting how others felt based on their tone of voice, expressions and other non-verbal cues performed the best.
Can Emotional Intelligence (EQ) really be learned?
Fortunately, Yes! There are four key skills to learn and we have thousands of successful students to prove that they can be learned.

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