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Want to Increase PRODUCTIVITY While Also Increasing Trust,
Motivation and Employee Satisfaction?

The “GREENLINE®” is a term used by pilots to reference the fastest and most cost-effective flight path between point A and point B.

In fact, planes only spend 10% of the flight on this “GREENLINE®”.

One of the critical skills of a pilot is being able to recognise when the plane is going off the “GREENLINE®” and knowing how to safely adjust the plane’s course to get back on track as quickly as possible.

The internationally acclaimed GREENLINE® program uses this exact same principles to boost productivity in business, while at the same time increasing the levels of trust, motivation and employee satisfaction.


GREENLINE® improves productivity by giving people the skills to quickly recognise when they go off track, and the techniques to get them back on it fast while building trust, motivation and employee satisfaction.

World Class Teams

Always have a clearly defined ‘here’ (the starting point of where they are now) and ‘there’ (what they are trying to achieve)

Have the skills to quickly recognise when the team is going off course, and act quickly to safely get them back on track

Use effective communication techniques (our GREEN cards) to quickly return the team to the GREENLINE in a way that builds trust, motivation and increases employee satisfaction.


  • Fewer, more effective meetings
  • Fewer emails
  • Increased motivation
  • Higher levels of commitment and employee retention
  • Less stress & more fun
  • Minimal levels of wastage

Underperforming Teams

Jump straight into the doing phase and never articulate a clear and compelling objective for the team.

Take far longer to recognise when they are off course, resulting in significant wasted effort, time and money for the business.

Use ineffective communication techniques that take teams OFF THE GREENLINE (our RED cards), create high levels of wastage, erode trust, decrease employee retention and lower motivation across the business.


  • Proliferation of meetingsand conversations that go round in circles
  • Swollen inboxes with people CC’d on everything
  • High levels of wastage
  • Increased frustration
  • Loss of commitment & motivation
  • Lower staff retention rates

Senior leaders need to recognise that the wastage created by poorly handled communication is actually COSTING your business money every day.

The great news is that the GREENLINE CONVERSATIONS® has created an internationally successful program that teaches employees how to communicate in a way that significantly increases productivity, while also building strong engagement and trust.


  • GREENLINE® is used internationally by market leading companies like Pepsi and EY
  • For the first time, World Class Teams going to run an OPEN program in Wollongong and Newcastle for delegates of the CPA Regional Convention.
  • All NSW places are funded due to our partnership with TAFE
  • Limited to 20 people per workshop
  • First in, best dressed
  • Can nominate other people from your company to attend
Special Offer for Delegates of CPA REGIONAL CONVENTION

Australia’s #1 High-Performance Team Consultant