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Effective Conversation is the Foundation of Success

So it’s official. Time spent by employees in collaborative team based activity has ballooned by more than 50% over the past two decades (Harvard Business Review, February 2016). With industry leaders like Google pouring millions of dollars into creating the ultimate high performance teams in their business, the question becomes – what are you doing unleash the power of your teams?

My work over the last 15 years with some of the most innovative and prestigious companies in the country has convinced me that focusing on total team performance is the key to business success in this modern era. So much so, that I have just re-branded my business from Real Changes to World Class Teams and written a new book called “Unleash Your Teams Potential”. In it, I go into detail on how CEO’s can create World Class high-performance teams and skyrocket their business.

Did you know that as part of this explosion of teamwork, 75% of an average employee’s day is now spent communicating with colleagues? (Harvard Business Review, February 2016). That communication might include:

  • internal meetings
  • client meetings
  • one-on-one conversations with staff
  • pitching an idea
  • dealing with customer inquiries and complaints
  • serving customers
  • working on project teams
  • responding to requests via email, the phone and in person

Many smart companies have woken up to this communication imperative. They are shifting their attention to equip their leaders, managers and staff to have highly effective and efficient conversations. Conversations are the ‘glue’ of business and becoming exceptional in the art and science of conversation enables their business to remain competitive, and even to set the benchmark for performance and profitability in their sector.

There are endless ‘communication programs’ out there and they tend to be the same type of program, producing the same mediocre results (some of them in fact, no results!) Then there is GreenLine Conversations©, the game-changing international program I am excited to have been invited to partner with.

GreenLine Conversations© provides a scientifically-backed methodology that enables all conversations to be more productive, to create greater commitment and to get better results. GreenLine Conversations© principles are rooted in brain science (the science of how brains really work). As a result, they are universal and not limited to age, culture, language or personality type.

World leading companies, including EY, Pepsi and Pernod Ricard, are migrating to GreenLine Conversations©. And now for the first time, I am exclusively introducing it into Australia and New Zealand.

As a valued client, I would like to invite you to our VIP evening. The purpose of the evening is three-fold – to enable you to find out how you can better harness the power of your teams and skyrocket your business, to celebrate the launch of my new book “Unleash Your Team’s Potential”, and to learn more about the GreenLine Conversations© methodology.

Places are limited, so register today to secure your seat and help us calculate the drinks catering correctly.

Exclusive Evening with Diana Tapp
CEO of World Class Teams
Fraser Suites
488 Kent Street, Sydney
Wednesday 27th April

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I look forward to seeing you soon and to helping you skyrocket your business using the very real power of high-performing teams.

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