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Define Your Purpose

Set Clear Goals

Inspire People

Your Team’s Purpose Matters

Are your teams crystal clear about your shared vision? Are they excited about what they’re trying to achieve and the difference they are making to the business?

When there is a lack of clarity, motivation plummets. People feel confused, stressed, and frustrated. Conversely, when there is a high level of clarity, your people and business thrive.

World Class Teams’ ‘Fire Up Your Team’ program galvanises your people around a shared purpose. It helps you articulate where you are headed and why it matters. It will engage, excite and inspire your people, ultimately driving your business forward.

Who the program is for?


Companies who want to fire up their people to achieve extraordinary results


Leaders who want to clarify their goals and purpose


Organisations who want to drive employee engagement


Businesses and individual teams


Corporates as well as Not for Profit organisations

What you’ll get

At the end of this program, your team will have:

  • Short & memorable statement of purpose & intent
  • Clearly defined milestones to keep staff energised
  • Top 5 characteristics needed to achieve your mission
  • Top 5 competencies critical to world class success
  • Buy in from EVERY team member involved

How the Program Works



Initial meeting to understand business & work done to date


Vision Workshop

1-Day live Face to Face workshop


30-Day Check In

Accountability check & give practical support


We want to be 100% sure you love your new purpose and that it’s making an impact. We guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results, or we’ll give you your money back.

Get Results, Not Tick-The-Box Training

“I found myself the next morning reciting the vision over-and-over in my head while working out on my cross-trainer. It just works so well!

The leadership team loved the day, and they love the vision. Most went into the day a little apprehensive and unsure – but what we came out with is awesome

Matt Gentile

GM Supply Chain, METSO

I was so happy I was outside my business, working on it, thinking more strategically and long-term.

I got a great chance to think about where I want to take my business unit and remember what type of leader I have always said I want to be. I for one know that I am going back with renewed energy, drive and a reset on our destination”

Brett Lamont

National Manager, MSS Strategic Medical & Rescue


How long is the Fire Up Your Team workshop?
The vision workshop will run over one day with an hour of pre-work required.
How is it delivered?
The program will be delivered in person, either onsite or at a venue of your choosing.
How many people can attend?
Up to 15 people can participate in the Fire Up Your Team workshop.
Who should I invite to the workshop?
To achieve ‘buy in’ it is ideal to include your whole team. If there are too many people, it is best to invite the leaders and key influencers from each area of your business to ensure broad adoption.
What if we don’t come up with a vision we are inspired by on the day?
In the unusual event this happens, we will schedule a follow up session at no additional cost. We guarantee our results and want to make sure you are 100% happy with your vision.

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