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GreenLine Conversations

Reduce Conflict

Increase Collaboration

Improve Your Culture

Learn how to have difficult conversations, without fear

How many conversations are happening across your business today? Would you be confident that EVERY one of those conversations is genuinely driving your business forward? Or are some actually sending your business into reverse, causing misunderstandings, conflict, resentment, frustration and workplace drama?

When communication goes wrong, you waste a lot of your precious time trying to fix the misunderstandings. That wasted time costs your business money, and in fact, research shows that managers lose one day a week fixing situations they shouldn’t have to!

‘GreenLine Conversations’ is a scientifically based methodology that helps managers and teams have conversations more skilfully, including when there’s tension. It stops the misunderstandings, conflict and drama and enables conversations to be more productive, create greater commitment, and get better results.

Who the program is for?

Leaders, teams and organisations who want to:


Reduce conflict and costly workplace drama


Increase productivity, performance and profit


Improve the way their people collaborate, communicate and connect


Create a high-performance culture in their organisation


Optimise ALL communication, not just difficult conversations

What you’ll get

Based on neuroscience and using a simple but powerful set of Red and Green cards, at the end of this program, you will have staff who can:

  • Communicate with clarity and confidence.
  • Have tough conversations without fearing the other person’s reaction.
  • Have a common language to confidently address issues early on.
  • Avoid Red Card behaviours that cause workplace drama and resentment.
  • Use the Green Cards to build trust, motivation and commitment.

How the Program Works


Deep Dive Meeting

To understand your people, needs and pain points.


Live Workshop

1 day OR 2 x half day live workshops.


Embedding Check In

Check in after 30 days to support & further embed.

Get Results, Not Tick-The-Box Training

“GreenLine Conversations has increased our productivity, there is less friction between people and stronger relationships with customers.”

Trent Raymond

GM People & Culture, BEVCHAIN

“Equipping frontline and middle-management with the tools to GreenLine their operational and behavioural discussions with their team members is invaluable

Paul Naghten

Training & Development, MERLIN ENTERTAINMENTS

‘‘World Class Teams gave us the tools to handle difficult conversations and gain commitment from teams and clients”

Rosemarie Karaoglu

Manager Support Services , TJS

Companies on the GREENLINE© Include


How long is the ‘GreenLine Conversations’ program?
The program comprises a one day workshop or two half-day workshops, plus 3-months access to the GreenLine online e-learning suite.
How is it delivered?

The program will be delivered face-to-face because it’s very hands-on and experiential.

How does 'GreenLine Conversations' change culture?

The quality of communication in your organisation will largely determine the culture of your organisation.  In fact, when 80% of your staff become ‘GreenLiners’ you will see a step change in your culture.

How many people can attend?

Up to 20 people can participate in each program. For best results, the minimum recommended number of participants is 10.

Who if we’ve already done critical conversations training?
This program ensures that EVERY conversation is driving your business forward. We focus on the 95% of everyday conversations, as well as the 5% of difficult conversations.
How is this program different to traditional conversation training?
GreenLine is a communication methodology that uses red and green cards to help individuals, teams and organisations improve the way they communicate and collaborate. GreenLine is backed by neuroscience and enables people to stay more focused, connected, engaged and productive in all circumstances.

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