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Do you want to TRANSFORM the People you already HAVE into the world class high-performance Teams you NEED to make your Business FLY?


UNLEASH Your Team’s Potential

For CEO’s on the lookout for game-changing ways to stay ahead of the pack. Learn how you can get the high-performance team you want from the people you already have.


Use the Power of “World Class Teams”
to Skyrocket Your Business

“Teams” are the hot topic right now, as top companies realise the power of high-performance teams to skyrocket business performance and results.

The truth is that in today’s highly competitive world, if a company wants to outstrip its competitors it needs to influence not only how people work, but even more crucially how they work together.

A world class team is a game-changer for a business due to the powerful Performance Multiplier Effect.

There is also a dark side to teams. When a team has just 1-2 destructive or incompetent members, research shows that TOTAL performance can drop by a staggering 30-40%.

The reality is that teams magnify BOTH the GOOD and the BAD in business, so it is critical to get them working right.

What Makes a World Class Team

Research has shown that great teams are created, not born. Having the “right people on the bus” is far less
important than previously thought. You CAN have the teams you want from the people you already have, and we can show you how.

Through 15 years of working with some of Australia’s most innovative and prestigious companies, World Class Teams has developed a unique set of tools and techniques that are guaranteed to TRANSFORM the people you have into the world class, high-performance team you WANT.

As a result of working with us, your teams will become:

  • Highly motivated & willing to go the extra mile
  • Highly productive and efficient
  • Exhibit strong & decisive leadership
  • Communicate effectively & efficiently with great improvements in overall levels of trust, employee retention and employee engagement.

Who We Work With

  • Market-leading, innovative companies looking for game changing ways to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Top performing CEOs and Senior Leaders who want to make big step changes in business performance.
  • Companies who know that people are more critical than processes for business success.

Are you ready to unleash your team’s full potential? To realise the level of success you and your business deserve?

This is the game-changer you’ve been looking for. We guarantee you’ll never look back.

Australia’s #1 High-Performance Team Consultant

As the founder and CEO of World Class Teams, Diana partners with CEOs to unleash the full potential of their businesses, boosting their profits and elevating their position in the market place.

In Diana Tapp’s new book “Unleash Your Team’s Potential”, you will discover:

  • The secret to your team achieving results far beyond the individual abilities of the people within them
  • The 4 little known drivers that inspire and motivate your team
  • How to recognise when your team is underperforming, and turn it around fast
  • How poor communication is hurting your business
  • How to free your teams from their organisational silos

“Through working with Di we learnt the art of negotiating a true win/win solution. We ended up reducing expenditure and saving $2.6 million.”

Michael Keegan

Claims and Logistics Manager, FlexiGroup

“After working with Di, my team has much greater clarity around identifying their audience and adapting their message to suit. This has a direct impact on our ability to win pitches and on our ability to influence existing clients when making recommendations.”
Katrina Newcombe

Senior Director, Head of Division NSW, Knight Frank

“We needed our 200 leaders to successfully lead change during a significant period of growth and structural change. Embracing the change was critical to the company’s success. Di equipped our leaders with an excellent toolkit and the confidence to become change promoters. Her vibrant personality and expertise as a communicator were also key to enabling this shift.”

Joanne Ryan

HR Director, MAX Solutions

“Understanding the individual motivational drivers for my people has had an enormous impact on our safety culture. And safety has a massive impact on our business success.”
Shane Scott

Operations Manager, Metso Australia Ltd.

“Di, you bring the best out of all those people you interact with. Your creative and motivational approach ensures people think for themselves. They share real issues and examples and gain real solutions. The environment you create and your commitment to results with each person is amazing.”

Tracy Reilly

Supervisor, Cathay Pacific

“Your exuberant, engaging personality brought many out of their shells. You then gave them the right tools and techniques and enabled them to progress to manager status from being subject matter experts. Thank-you for my new genuine leaders of teams!”
Dominic Chapman

Manager Bookmaking Operations, Tabcorp