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Think about the managers you have promoted in your business. Did you always give them the training and skills they needed? Or did you hope that since they were stand out employees and had a new title, they would automatically morph into high-performing leaders?

The truth is that Middle Managers will either make your business or break it. They are responsible for 80% of your workforce and implement the strategy and critical projects determined by the Executive Team. Yet most of them have never received any training in the human skills they require to succeed in their management role.

At World Class Teams, we believe rapidly upskilling your Middle Managers is the FASTEST and SUREST way to grow your business.


Who the program is for?

Organisations who want their middle managers, supervisors and team leaders to:


Motivate their team and boost performance


Elevate EQ to drive results


Lead successful change programs


Communicate with influence & impact


Create a high-performance culture


Excel at coaching, delegating and mentoring


Work smarter, not harder

Middle managers are more important than ever. They are the engine of the business, the cogs that make things work, the glue that keeps companies together”


Leadership Accelerator Framework

The ‘Leadership Accelerator’ will create leaders at ALL levels of your organisation. Featuring best in class live training and practical tools delivered in short 2-hour sessions, this program will give your Middle Managers the human skills and technical skills to enable your business to fly.

What you’ll get

At the end of this program, you will have middle managers, team leaders and supervisors who can:

  • Fire up their team to go the extra mile and achieve extraordinary results
  • Communicate in a way that gets results AND keeps people ‘on board’
  • Work effectively and efficiently, achieving more in less time
  • Display exceptional Emotional Intelligence in ALL situations
  • Be agile, thrive on change and become change champions in your business


The Profiles Performance Indicator is a DISC type assessment that can be added into your Leadership Accelerator package. It reveals individual strengths and weaknesses, and how these could impact someone’s fit with their team, peers and Directors.

Conducted online by Profile International, the PPI measures job performance on nine critical competencies and generates six reports to help you boost the manager’s morale and productivity.

Get Results, Not Tick-The-Box Training

“Di learned everything she can about our business enabling her to tailor the course to make it very meaningful & applicable.

Metso has been running this course for close to 7 years and even when budgets are tight, there has never been a question as to whether it will continue.”

Lauren Luitingh

HR Partner, METSO

“Di, you bring out the best of all those people you interact with. Your creative and motivational approach ensures people think for themselves. They share real issues and gain real solutions.

The environment you create and commitment to results is amazing”

Tracy Reilly


Di’s exuberant, engaging personality brought many out of their shells.  Di gave them the right tools and techniques and enabled them to progress to manager status from being subject matter experts.

Thank-you for my new genuine leaders of teams!”

Dominic Chapman

Manager , TABCORP


How long is the ‘Leadership Accelerator’ program?

The ‘Leadership Accelerator’ is a 12 part training program run over 6 months. The series of live 2-hour workshops are held once a fortnight. Sessions are highly interactive, practical and activity based.

Why live training versus prerecorded?

Our live-streamed workshops give students the best of both worlds. They participate in the training from the comfort of their office or home, without the need to travel. They also interact with other students which increases their engagement and expands their thinking. They build a strong relationship with their facilitator who motivates them, monitors their progress and holds them accountable.

Why is it run as a series of 12 workshops?

Experience has shown us that people become much better leaders when they learn, trial and build rather than get overloaded with content. Managers test out the tools and techniques between workshops and can see the results as they progressively lift their leadership skills.

When will I start to see results?

Because of the practical tools and techniques, you’ll start to see results immediately. These changes will become embedded as the sessions roll out and the connections between the five key leadership pillars are revealed.

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