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So, it’s official: Performance Management is broken. With industry leaders like Adobe, Microsoft, Motorola and Accenture all abandoning the traditional system complete with the crutch of the dreaded annual appraisal, and 70% of corporate employers either currently reviewing or updating their approach, the question becomes – what do you replace it with?

Many smart companies recognise there is a difference between a performance management conversation and conversations that manage performance. These companies have woken up to the realisation: It’s the Conversation, stupid. So they are shifting their attention to equipping their managers to have the ongoing conversations managers have typically being avoiding up until now. And they are choosing GreenLine Conversations© as the vehicle.

All mediocrity is the result of a tough conversation someone didn’t have. One of the first competencies of GreenLine Conversations© is giving the managers the confidence to intervene early when they see something heading in the wrong direction – something the majority of managers routinely avoid. The confidence to actually have the necessary conversation is achieved in 3 ways :

  1. The latest neuro-science to understand what happens in the brain under the pressure of such conversations. For example, did you know that trust is only built in those moments of tension and complexity?
  2. A robust method of structuring the conversation for an optimum outcome.
  3. The essential skills for keeping the conversation on track without fall-out or collateral damage.

The GreenLine Conversations© approach is conveniently codified into 7 Red Cards and 7 Green Cards to what to do and what to avoid that combine the essence of the neuro-science with validated field research.  Companies from all sectors are migrating to GreenLine Conversations© to manage performance.

One HR Director from a North American pharmaceutical company summarised it neatly “The Greenline approach provides participants with tools and strategies to make us more self-aware thus enabling impactful conversations that drive performance on an on-going basis, not just once or twice a year.”


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