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Some people are born with a naturally high Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and some have a naturally high IQ.  While you cannot improve a person’s IQ, fortunately, you can learn the skills to improve your EQ. 

Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining 58% of success in all job types. It also has a direct correlation with salary. Those with a HIGH degree of EQ have been shown to earn $40,000 per year more than those with low EQ. According to Inc Magazine, “Major companies have compiled statistical proof that employees with emotional intelligence undoubtedly affect the bottom line. In fact, companies with employees that have high levels of emotional intelligence see major increases in total sales and productivity.”

So how do you improve Emotional Intelligence?


The Key is Changing Your Mindset

The first step is that you must want to increase your EQ.  You need to have the desire to change the way you behave under pressure, or with difficult people.

You must believe that, with the right techniques and hard work, you will be able to change.  

Too often as adults, we say that we’re ‘hardwired’, that ‘we can’t change’.  Science doesn’t support this.

Neurologists use the term ‘plasticity’ to describe your brain’s ability to change.  Research shows that brains grows new connections as you learn new skills. Increasing the connections between rational and emotional centres of the brain enables improved EQ.


Emotional Intelligence Skills

The second part is skill set. According to Dr Travis Burberry, co-author of ‘Emotional Intelligence 2.0’, high EQ requires four key skills:

1. Self-Awareness: 

Your ability to perceive your emotions

2. Self-Management:

Your ability to manage your emotions appropriately, to direct your behaviour positively

3. Social Awareness:

Your ability to accurately pick up on the emotions in other people, to understand what’s really going on, to read between the lines.

4. Relationship Management:

Your ability to use the awareness of your emotions and of others’ emotions to communicate successfully


emotionally intelligent conversation


The Challenge of Managing Emotions

Managing emotions and behaving ‘appropriately’ is challenging for us. When we behave ‘appropriately’ in difficult situations or with difficult people, we work to gain outcomes that are good for ALL stakeholders.  

Unfortunately, for most of us, it is much easier to ‘vent’, and excuse our behaviour or blame the other person.

The internationally successful GREENLINE program that teaches Emotional Intelligence, labels these difficult situations “5% moments”.  These are moments where we react with high emotion and afterwards wish we could play them again with better control. They are the moments when we can easily ‘lose our marbles’!

They are also the moments we get judged on the most. While we can behave appropriately 95% of the time, it is the “5% moments” when the stakes are high that people remember most clearly.

How well do you perform in your “5% moments”?

Understanding neuroscience, what’s really happening in our brains, means that we can make smarter choices. It allows us to respond rather than merely react to difficult situations. As a result, positive outcomes are gained, trust is enhanced and relationships grow stronger.


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